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Welcome to Patrice Magazine! Founded by Giselle Mills, we are a unique online magazine whose main purpose is the promotion of female empowerment in the Caribbean and its diaspora. 

Here at Patrice Magazine, we aim to:

  1. Empower women, particularly Caribbean women, to achieve their goals and develop into the people they wish to be;
  2. Enlighten all readers of the value and significance of the contributions made by Caribbean women to the social, economic, and political development of the Caribbean region; and
  3. Uplift the underappreciated woman. 

By no means do we intend to ignore or devalue the contributions made by men; our magazine simply shines light upon achievements made by women and the importance of continued empowerment of women. We strongly believe that the empowerment of women does not equate to the disempowerment of men.  

Our target audience includes:

  • Caribbean women of all ages
  • Caribbean men of all ages (who value and support female empowerment)
  • All persons with an interest in the promotion of female empowerment and/or Caribbean identity

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